The Caspian Sea ecosystem was severely affected by industrialization and uncontrolled sturgeon fishing. We can`t turn back time, but we can try and fix the situation. Azerbaijan Fish Farm cooperates with the international Blue Marine Foundation and helps to create a marine sanctuary at the mouth of Kura and Araz rivers to restore the population of sturgeon.

Poaching remains one of the main problems of the region. Our program of rehabilitation of former poachers, who know a lot about fish and become experts in the field of breeding, helps to save the wild population of sturgeon, beluga and starry sturgeon. As a result, it is possible not only to reduce the damage to the ecosystem, but also to obtain valuable staff and improve the social situation in the region.

The second phase is to restore the sturgeon population. We grow sturgeon fingerlings in a special incubator, under almost natural conditions that help prepare them for the wildlife. Our task is to increase the survival rate of a new generation of fish. When they grow up, we release them into the Caspian Sea — 10 fingerlings for each sold jar of Baku Caviar. Besides, experts from Blue Marine Foundation ensure that adult wild sturgeons have free access to spawning sites upstream of Kura and Araz rivers.

Another important task is to meet the demand for quality and useful fish products: otherwise, bans on fishing become pointless and fish products will be traded on the black market.

We grow sturgeon in an environment close to natural conditions. Together with specialists from the University of Stirling (Scotland) and Center for Aquaculture Research of Azerbaijan, we have developed a balanced feed that meets all the needs of sturgeon in nutrients. We have conducted the research on the diet of sturgeon in the wild — it is the only way to provide a perfect food for the growth of this valuable species of fish. We use vegetable proteins in combination with other nutrients, while environmentally friendly production does not cause any harm to nature.

Along with that, we constantly conduct environmental and epidemiological monitoring of water quality at the mouth of Kura and Araz rivers to prevent the spread of diseases among the natural population of sturgeons.

Azerbaijan Fish Farm is a company striving not only to produce high-quality fish and fish delicacies, but also to restore and increase the natural resources of Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea for generations to come.