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Cage farming of Caspian Salmon and Trout at the Mingachevir Water Reservoir

Zagatala fish farm has been operating since 1979 and is equipped to grow valuable freshwater trout. We have carried out a comprehensive reconstruction of the production area and continue to grow high-quality fish in ideal conditions.

The purest water from mountain sources, favorable environmental conditions, natural nutritive base contribute to the production of tasty and useful river trout.

Currently, we produce XXXX tons of trout per year. Such quantity meets the regional demand, and provides export delivery to our foreign partners.

Come to Zagatala fish farm to see how the fish grows. We have opened a training center especially for you to demonstrate the whole process — from growing in incubators and flowing-water tanks to the production of fish products with the use of smokehouses and frosting shops.

Kura river, which flows here into the Caspian Sea, makes Neftchala region a very suitable place for fish farming. It has a special fish fauna and, together with tributaries, forms pefrect conditions for spawning of sturgeon. That is why in 1954, Kura production and experimental plant was founded in the village of Yenikend. This is the place where technologies of artificial cultivation of sturgeons, used to the present day, were developed. Its reconstruction has become another important project of Azerbaijan Fish Farm.

As part of the program for the development of aquaculture in Azerbaijan, LU-MUN Holding carried out the reconstruction of Kura fish factory and on its basis founded a breeding sturgeon farm "Yenikend". A totally outdated enterprise received a powerful impetus. Professional approach and the use of up-to-date technology enabled us to increase the production of fish and caviar, all while preserving the unique technologies and invaluable experience of former generations of experts.

We combine modern high-intensity industrial technologies and traditional principles of pond aquaculture.

The production program of the enterprise is implemented in the following directions:

— formation of a bank of breeders for pure sturgeon species of the Caspian basin;

— cultivation of sturgeon fish seed for replenishment of sturgeon stocks of the Caspian Sea;

— production of a live fertilized eggs, larvae, fish seed of sturgeon for commercial purposes;

— cultivation of sturgeon species for commercial purposes;

— cultivation of broodstock of sturgeon to provide reproduction plants and commercial commodity enterprises engaged in the production of sturgeons.

Azerbaijan Fish Farm is the first company in the history of the national fish farming, that has implemented closed water supply systems. This technology is a fundamentally new approach to the process of fish breeding and growing. It provides maximum control over the quality of water in the fishery and at the same time saves natural resources, halving the need for water intake from open sources and reducing risk factors.

Fish grows and develops under conditions close to natural. First, it happens in fresh water of Kura river, without the use of any chemical additives. Then the grown sturgeon is moved to the salty sea water. The process of caviar production goes all through the year.

Interesting facts
Biotechnics of artificial sturgeon cultivation was developed at Kura fish factory by means of basin and combined methods in two cycles through pituitary injection. Azerbaijani specialists made calculations of optimal temperatures during incubation, their technique became a revolution in the industry and entered the textbooks on fish farming.

An important task of Azerbaijan Fish Farm is to preserve the population of unique Caspian salmon.

Today, one of the most valuable members of Salmonidae family is on the verge of extinction.

The species has completely lost its natural spawning grounds in the upper reaches of Kura and Araz rivers, and now we need to do our best to save it. Caspian, or Kura salmon, has a fat content of 26.9 % — this is the highest rate in the salmon family. It is famous for its high quality and is considered one of the best fish products.

Technologies of artificial breeding of Caspian salmon were developed in 1954 at the Chukhur-Gabala plant. Here the first farms for growing fingerlings in incubation conditions were built. Now, this important undertaking is continued by Azerbaijan Fish Farm. Every year we plan to receive up to 2.5 million fingerlings, some of which will be released into the Caspian sea in order to increase the population of this unique species in its natural habitat.

Форелеводческий комлекс — третий и заключительный этап проекта по выращиванию ценных видов рыб Azerbaijan Fish Farm.

Мы назвали его «морским». Здесь достигшая веса 250 граммов молодь попадает из пресной воды в морскую и продолжает расти до 2 килограммов и выше.

Здесь же мы производим филе лосося и форели — вкусный и полезный своими питательными свойствами продукт, который пользуется неизменным спросом в Азербайджане.