To restore and increase the natural resources of Azerbaijan, provide the local population with high-quality fish products at an affordable price, create an alternative to imported goods and contribute to the development of the agricultural sector of the country by ensuring food security.

We believe that the only possible way to develop is having socially responsible business. Environmentally friendly production, contribution to the stabilization of the economic situation in the country regions and to the living standards of the population.

Our core values are the benchmark to which we remain faithful at all times and in every way.

— Quality assurance: our products meet the strictest standards and expectations of the most demanding customers.

— Sense of pride, because we put our heart, efforts and experience to get the best possible results.

— Attention to people and nature: we are responsive to requests of partners, take care of employees, comply with ecological standards, invest in environmental protection projects.

— We accept challenges of the market by constantly strengthening the potential of the company and competence of the team.

Human health is our most important priority! It takes efforts and experience of hundreds of professionals to ensure that the result is flawless.

We strive to make the products of Azerbaijan Fish Farm company available to every citizen of the country, regardless of income level.

As in the old days, when the domestic caviar of Caspian sturgeon was considered one of the best in the world and a constant attribute of every feast!